OriginalBloodAce, real name John Tulloch is a pedo bear but watches alot of child porno's on his computer. He was born on October 15, 1990 and he is currently 26 years old, he does Let's Plays such as The Walking Dead and ZombiU on his gaming channel, He mainly does Wii U rants and discussions, and has a hate towards Americans and some people from United Kingdom. He was born in Alberta, Canada. He is currently getting raped in the bum by his new friend bubba.



OriginalBloodAce and Josh are good friends in real life and made a YouTube video together twice.

Giga GambyEdit

Giga Gamby and OriginalBloodAce aren't seen interacting much but Giga Gamby has commented on his videos a few times, he also shares similarities with him

  • Both get lots of impersonators
  • Both are really popular
  • Both have nearly 200,000 views
  • Both don't subscribe to users much


These are the social websites OriginalBloodAce appears on.

  • Gnutella along with his other pedo friends