Giga Gamby is good friends with OriginalBloodAce, even though they don't interact much. Not many people know when he was born but a lot of people know he is 14 years old. He is popular but he doesn't make many videos. With only 20 videos, Giga Gamby has nearly 2,000 subscribers and almost 200,000 views. Despite only having 20 videos, he has another channel, Mega Yoshi. Giga Gamby can be found on social websites (Only a few).



Despite not interacting much, it is presumed they are good friends. He shares multiple similarities with him.

  • Both have a lot of impersonators
  • Both are popular
  • Both have nearly 200,000 views
  • Both make Wii U videos.


These are the social websites Giga Gamby appears on.

  • Tumblr
  • Miiverse
  • YouTube